Accessibility Tip: Ensure you have clear focus and hover states

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Ensure that you have clear focus and hover states, so people know when they are hovering over an element or have it focused.

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What is focus and hover state?

  • Focus state is how an element (such as a link or button) looks when it is focused - so if you press tab until you land on that element, that element is in the focused state. For example a button might have a different background colour when focused. This applies to links, buttons, form elements (inputs, dropdowns) so users know what they are interacting with.
  • Hover state is similar, but is when it is hovered (your mouse cursor is over it). For example links might turn to a different shade of blue, or have an underline.

Why is having focus and hover states important for accessibility

If you have a site with no focus and no hover states, it is very hard to use as you do not know what you are interacting with.

Anyone who has ever used a keyboard to access a site has probably come across a site where you do not know what item is the current active element, so you don’t know what you are interacting with if you hit enter.


  • the defaults in browsers will show a focus and hover state. You can disable this such as outline: none. But you should avoid doing this!
  • Hover and focus states should be added to everything that you interact with.

How to add focus/hover states in css

The css below shows how to add focus/hover states in CSS for a link:

a {
   color: blue; 
   text-decoration: none; 

a:hover {
   color; navy; 
   text-decoration: underline;
a:focus {
   color: green; 
   border: 1px solid green; 

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