Accessibility Tip: Add captions and transcripts

Last updated on January 01, 2022A11y issues

Audio transcripts should be provided for audio content, so that deaf people can still access the content

This means you should have a written copy of words spoken in audio content - such as podcasts, voice recordings etc.

Videos with audio should also have captions, so they can be understood even if no access to sound

Why should we add captions and transcripts?

As well as enabling deaf or hard of hearing people to consume the content, adding captions and transcripts benefits many other people:

  • Those who may not understand the language in spoken form, but are able to read it
  • Those who are in loud environments, environments where you cannot play sounds, or where listening through a speaker is not possible

What is the difference between captions and transcripts?

  • Transcripts are when audio is presented as text (such as the entire transcript of a podcast).
  • Captions, more commonly used with videos, are when they’re displayed at the correct time to match up with the content shown.

WCAG specification for captions and transcripts

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